The title «Healing Imprint» refers to both the intention and the methodology of tackling trauma.

In trauma, the body becomes the site of a lived experience where traces have been left. The thesis unpacks how the nature of trauma and the western medical system perpetuate a disconnection from the body and leave traumatic experiences often undetected. By critically examining the philosophical framework which constitutes the blueprint from which medical knowledge, convictions, systems and institutions emerge, the text looks for the root-cause and the evidence of persistence of the mind-body-divide. The abandonment of intuitive and embodied ways of knowing as a side effect of a system that glorifies ratio, effectiveness, and science causes complications for healing trauma. In contemporary times, knowledge that is beyond words to explain tends to be declared as esoterism. This declaration stigmatises any knowing based on a felt sense, subjective experiences, intuition and spirituality. This depreciation became a deeply embedded conditioning in society, which causes mistrust in many alternative healing practices. By attempting to provide embodied healing techniques, the gap between mind and body shall be resolved.

«Imprint» envisions two concepts that aim to heal the imprint from trauma through markings and applied pressure on the body. The first concept proposes tattoos as an empowering imprint for healing trauma. The second approach proposes knitted acupressure garments for emotional healing. The individual uses body weight in yoga exercises to stimulate certain acu-points to treat a range of trauma symptoms. «Imprint» attempts to move mental health to the centre of society by merging it with fashionable practices such as yoga and tattoos.

Similarly to shamanic practices like Ayahuasca which have found rising popularity amongst non-indigenous people, these non-normative and holistic healing methods for healing trauma could be more frequently implemented in the future.

«Imprint» and the thesis «Healing Imprint» envision the future of healing: holistically, more autonomously and non-normatively.

                                 HEALING IMPRINT